Monday, May 15, 2017

Jean Kirsten - new works

Submitted by Charlotte Wile - May 16, 2017

Jean Kirsten has sent us the wonderful images below of his recent Laban inspired work.
       For larger images, Go Here

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Ă„rztehaus Markkleeberg 2016.jpg:
The 5 Plantonic solids in front of a public building (physician house) in Leipzig-Markkleeberg.

My design inside [Arztehaus Markkleeberg]: The wallpaper with notation symbols.

Some ceramic works inspired by notation symbols. I did this during a workshop in October last year.


Platonic Sculpture, tetrahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron inside the cube. This was shown in an exhibition during the museums night in Chemnitz/Saxony last year.

notation chair.jpg:  A normal Chair (IKEA) painted with notation symbols in 2017.

Trinity London 2016.jpg:
Last year the (75th) Laban Guild AGM and conference took place in the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance In London. I showed there this installation with Laban models and Plato solids.

For Sophie (Taeuber, Hans (Arp) and Rudolf (Laban).jpg:
Three works that I exhibited at Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich/Switzerland during a conference with the name Monte Dada, 100 years after the birth of Dada. I give them the name "For Sophie (Taeuber, Hans (Arp) and Rudolf (Laban).“

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

American Bandstand Dances in Labanotation

Submitted by Mei-Chen Lu and Charlotte Wile - May 3, 2017
Facsimile prepared by Darcy Riley

The American Bandstand was a popular TV music-performance show that aired from 1952 to 1989.

This posting offers a facsimile of American Bandstand Dances in Labanotation, by Nadia Chilkovsy (1959).

  • How to Read Dance Steps
  • Jitterbug
  • Fox Trot
  • Conga
  • Cha-Cha
  • Stroll
  • Bunny Hop
  • Facts About the American Bandstand
  • Dances and the Author 

Friday, February 24, 2017

116 Modern Dance Classroom Combinations, by Ray Cook

Submitted by Charlotte Wile, February 24, 2017

116 Modern Dance Classroom Combinations, by Ray Cook (1979) contains a full range of modern dance classroom sequences written in Labanoatation. It is a wonderful resource for both teachers and students.

To view a facsimile of the book, Go Here.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

An Interview with Peggy Hackney, Dec. 23, 2015

Submitted by Charlotte Wile - January 22, 2017

On December 23, 2015 we were delighted to have Peggy Hackney visit us at the DNB to share her thoughts about the history and development of our Laban communities and notation systems.   The videos below document part of that discussion.

As a supplement to Peggy's comments about Shape, we thought readers would be interested in her papers "Shape: What's Shaping Up?" and "Eye-blink." 

For a facsimile of the papers, GO HERE.

(The facsimile was taken from "Symbols of our Community .....Moving Forward with Motif: Proceedings of the Inaugural Motif Symposium, August 2-4, 2002") 

Addendum from Charlotte Wile, Jan. 24, 2017: When I originally published this posting, the Weight Sensing indications for Videos 2 and 3 were drawn incorrectly, with the "released" signs upside down,  The symbols in the posting have been rewritten, and are now correct.

Interview Participants:


TOPICS: The history of Shape concepts and indications. 
  • Minute 0:00 - Shape indications.
  • Minute 4:30 - The difference between the "original" Shape system and Peggy's revised system.
  • Minute 11:00 - The role of application and context in the development and use of indications.
  • Minute 13:21 - Warren Lamb's Shape indications.



TOPICS: Shape, Effort, Dynamics.
  • Minute 0:00 - More about Peggy's system for indicating Shape.
  • Minute 2:07 - "Indirect Effort" and "Direct Effort."
  • Minute 5:23 - Weight Effort variables (e.g., Passive Weight, Weight Sensing).
  • Minute 8:00 - Ann Guest's concept of Dynamics.
  • Minute 8:40 - The terms "Strong," "Light," "Weak," and "Heavy."
  • Minute 9:24 - More about Weight Effort  (active vs. passive).
  • Minute 10:24 - Weight Sensing.
  • Minute 12:20 - History of the expanded view of Weight Effort (e.g., active vs. passive Weight, weight sensing, etc.)



TOPICS: Effort, Still Forms, Shape, Yield/Push & Reach/Pull, Laban training.
  • Minute 0:00 - More about the history of Weight Effort.
  • Minute 4:12 - Indications for  Pin, Wall, Ball, Screw.
  • Minute 5:06 - "Pathway of Shape" as a way of indicating the duration of a Shape indication.
  • Minute 5:30 - The Development of the indication for Carving.
  • Minute 7:11 - The need for Yield/Push & Reach/Pull indications.
  • Minute 7:54 - The expertise needed for developing symbols.
  • Minute 9:45 - Laban training produces "renaissance people."